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Why Floriology Now?

  • AIFD Certified

    • Diverse collection of nationally certified instructors.
    • Learn from two AIFD National Presidents.
    • Interact with our instructors.

  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere
    On Any Device

    • Access your courses—anytime, anywhere.
    • Complete the class at your own schedule.

  • Build Your Confidence
    Expand Your Business

    • Grow your floral skills and your business.
    • Offering a variety of digital marketing courses.

  • High-Definition

    • HD classes, photos and instructions.
    • Multiple camera angles so you can see the design with ease.

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Introducing Floriology® Now

Learn Anytime. Anywhere.

Pricing, Features & Benefits

Want to learn something specific?
Enroll in courses a la carte to develop your skills in a particular area.

Looking to invest in your education at a better value?
Opt for a Floriology® Now Premium Annual enrollment for unlimited access to our entire course catalog, including a ton of extras.

Course Pricing
Annual Enrollment 

 $99.99 per Course 
($999 for all courses)
60-day access 

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$349.99 per Year 
(SAVE $650!)
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Video-based Courses
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FREE Digital Subscription Floriology Magazine

FREE Interactive Forums

FREE Floriology Tips & Tricks Studio (70+ videos)

FREE Consumer Marketing Video Tips (75+ videos) 

EXCLUSIVE  Advanced Technique Webinars

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  • Can I share my account with a friend or one of my designers?

    No, this is not part of our terms of service. Each person must have their own account.

    Should your account be flagged for sharing, your subscription will be terminated!

    Remember, when you complete a course, you’ll have the opportunity to print out a certificate, which will print your name only.

    We are also working with state and national floral organizations to tie courses with their certification programs.

    If the price is an issue, we offer bundles for shops with multiple subscribers. Please email us so we can discuss this option with you at Someone from the Floriology Education Department will reach out to you within 48 hours. You can also call us at (904) 737-8500 for assistance.

  • Can I pay for Floriology Now using my BloomNet Clearinghouse Account?

    Yes! Please call us at at (904) 737-8500 or visit our dedicated page.

  • Can I buy only one course instead of enrolling annually?

    Of course, but if you purchase only one course you will only have access to that one course for 60 days and none of the other great benefits you get for annual enrollment like: the free digital Floriology Magazine, over 125 free educational videos, invitation to the quarterly webinars, and access to the learning lounge.

    Also if you pay for each course individually that would cost you $250.00 more than the low annual cost. What a great value.

  • I’d like to enroll several people from my shop, do I get a discount? Or special rate?

    Yes, we do have special pricing for multiple employees, please reach out to us at Someone from the Floriology Education Department will reach out to you within 48 hours. You can also call us at (904) 737-8500.

  • What is the Learning Lounge?

    The Learning Lounge is a discussion and networking area exclusively for Premium subscribers.

    Here you can post, chat and network with other subscribers and our instructors.

  • I understand my Floriology Now Premium enrollment provides me a free subscription to Floriology Magazine. Where do I read it?

    Click the Insights link at the top of the page.

    Scroll down past the blog section and the magazine section is located there. Click on the magazine cover to view the latest issue.

  • I need to cancel my enrollment(s) and get a refund. Do you offer refunds and if so, how to I receive it?

    We do offer refunds within 14 days for Floriology Now Premium enrollments.

    Please email us so we can discuss this option with you at We will process a refund between 3 to 5 business days upon receipt of your email. If you have not heard from anyone within that time please call us at (904) 737-8500 for assistance.

    We do not offer refunds for individual course purchases.