Course curriculum

  • 1

    Business Advice

    • Preparing for Market

    • Time Napco 2019 Trends

    • How to Create Facebook Posts for Thanksgiving (or any holiday)

  • 2

    Floral Design Tips

    • Making a Bouquet

    • Hand-Tied Arrangements

    • Using Napco Vases

    • Leaf Manipulation

    • Flower Jewelry

    • How-to Have Creative Flair for Certification Designs

    • Line

    • Color 101

    • Adding Design Curve

    • Line 101

    • Using Succulents in Wedding and Event Designs

  • 3


    • Curly Willow Armatures

    • Holiday Foliage

    • Foliage Manipulation

    • More Holiday Foliage Tips & Techniques

  • 4


    • Halloween

    • Easter Encouragement

    • Incorporating Fall into Your Designs

    • Prepping for Fall Holidays

  • 5

    Focal Flowers

    • Incorporating Calla Lilies into Your Designs

    • Tips for Using Cymbidium Orchids

    • Cushions, Daisies and Mums in Everyday Design

    • Using Tillandsia and Succulents for Design Inspiration

    • Black Roses

    • How-to Incorporate Phalaenopsis Orchids into Everyday Design & Event Work

  • 6

    Preparing for Certification

    • The Elements and Principles of Texture 101

    • Use of Line in Design

    • Focus on Wedding Flowers at Kuhn Flowers

    • Preparing for Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE)

    • Reinventing Everyday Design and Celebrating Life Everyday Courses

    • Studying Elements and Principles of Design with a Mixed Bouquet

  • 7


    • Blues

    • Trends In Tropical Flowers

    • Sympathy Floral Design Options With Smithers Oasis Products


Jackie Lacey, AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI

Director of Education, Lead Instructor

Jackie Lacey has over thirty-five years of experience in the retail floral market and floral education field. His portfolio includes an extensive background in the retail floral market and wedding/event design experience. Most recently he has been the lead consultant and director to provide distinctive event/wedding planning and décor for a Chicago Event Company and currently an advisor and Education Specialist for Floriology Institute, Fitz Design, Fiorology Mexico and Industry leader in market trends, current design trends, industry education and retail marketing.

Sandy Schroeck, AIFD, CFD, PFCI

Floral Design Instructor

As the owner of Trend On Design, in Eden Prairie, Minn., Schroeck lives by the mantra “educate, inspire, influence” and it shows. She thrives on the energy of a crowd, and she’s passionate about introducing even seasoned floral professionals to new products, creative mechanics and design techniques to become more innovative and profitable designers.