Learn Floral Design: Courses for Beginners to Veteran Florists

We know that it’s a crazy time to be alive.  That doesn’t mean you should drop your hobbies and interests.  Floriology Now is now offering you the option to educate yourself with our very own on demand learning platform. Now you can learn the latest tips and techniques from our floral design experts.  All without leaving the comfort of your home. Sign up now with our annual subscription to start your floral design training today! Whether you’re new to the flower game or you’ve had it on your hobby list for years, we have a course for you!

We’ll cover the basics like making bows and how to pick the perfect bouquet for your occasion.  As you grow, so does our program. Move on to our more advanced options like our wedding floral design class. The great thing about this program is that you’ll never worry about running out of material.  We update our courses regularly, so you’ll always get the latest information in the floral industry.